2015 Exhibitors

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Company Booth Description
Abaxis facebook twitter 517 Abaxis is your total laboratory partner, offering the comprehensive and innovative VetScan line of on-site diagnostic instruments and rapid tests and reference laboratory services (AVRL). The VetScan name has become synonymous with convenience, ease of use and cost-effectiveness, delivering on our promise of speed, accuracy and reliability. Abaxis delivers it all.
Adler House Photography Facebook 715 Adler House Photography provides photography services for the veterinary industry that can be helpful in client retention and marketing.
AKC Reunite Facebook 513 The way home for lost pets. Even the most loved pets can get lost. Combine the power of microchips and collar tags with our nationwide recovery system to reunite you and your pet.
akesso professional footwear Facebook 832 akesso® Footwear provides all-day comfort and performance for healthcare and veterinary care professionals. All akesso® shoes feature our patent-pending arch support and forefoot flexibility; thick, removable foot-beds to accommodate custom orthotics; and 40% lighter than a traditional clog. For the unexpected spills, akesso® shoes use waterproof leathers that resist contamination and clean up very easily. In addition, superior slip-resistant tread design provides traction on wet and dry surfaces. A perfect fit for the clinic and working around pets.
American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) facebook twitter 745 The only exclusive companion animal veterinary association, AAHA serves approximately 50,000 veterinary professionals throughout the U.S. and Canada. More than 3,600 veterinary teams are AAHA accredited, having voluntarily chosen to undergo rigorous evaluations and adhere to the very highest standards in the industry. AAHA provides veterinary professionals with the resources they need to effectively manage their practices while delivering the highest quality health care.
American Express Geometry Global 257 American Express can show you how to grow your business through our OPEN program. We can show you benefits from traveling, cash flow and put money back into your company.
Andersen Products, Inc 738 Andersen Products redefines 100% ethylene oxide sterilization using under 20cc’s of EtO per cycle. Our Anprolene line of table-top sterilizers help many practices save thousands annually by eliminating the instrument costs caused by sterilization damage from heat, pressure, and moisture.
animalEO – Essential Oils for Animals
213 animalEO provides high quality, medicinal grade essential oil products - formulated by Melissa Shelton DVM. Focused on providing accurate information on research, case documentation, and the safe use of "veterinary aromatherapy" - animalEO products fill an area of high demand by consumers for "natural alternatives." Stop by our booth and see how you can now provide easy and effective integrative care options for arthritis and musculoskeletal concerns, replacement of chronic NSAID and urinary incontinence medications, alternatives to steroid use, dental concerns and stomatitis, allergies, non-toxic odor control and air fresheners, behavioral concerns, feather picking and mutilation, natural flea and tick control, and more! Every product is created with only the strictest interest in safety and quality control. All ingredients and products have been used in veterinary cases with every form of animal from fish, bees, pocket pets, and birds to cats, dogs, horses, cows, and even zoo animals!
Animal Health Options facebook twitter 633 Animal Health Options has reached 25 years of offering quality antioxidants and nutritional supplements that provide a noticeable benefit to dogs, cats and horses. Our products include Proanthozone®, Proanthozone® Derm, ProAnimal®, ProNeurozone® Cognitive Support, ProtectaCell® Cellular Support, ProQuiet®, Prosamine® and the patented ProMotion® & ProMotion® Plus Omegas formulas and ProHepatic® Liver Support.
ANTECH Diagnostics 133 ANTECH Diagnostics is a network of veterinary diagnostic laboratories providing the highest quality and broadest range of testing exclusively for the animal healthcare industry. ANTECH’s courteous customer service and team of professional consultation specialists are dedicated to client support and satisfaction. Experience a new kind of partnership with ANTECH's reference laboratory services.
ArthroDynamic Technologies 647 Polyglycan® Sterile Solution is a commercially available patented formulation of hyaluronic acid, sodium chondroitin sulfate and N-acetyl-D-glucosamine used for post-surgical lavage of synovial compartments. Polyglycan is a patented formulation designed to replace synovial fluid lost during surgery. Polyglycan contains naturally occurring components of synovia that play a central role in maintaining the homeostatic environment of the joint. Tandem Oral Nutritional Supplement for Horses composed of Hyaluronic Acid + Chondroitin sulfates C4 & C6 + N-acetyl-D-glucosamine. The first oral supplement specifically designed for use following joint injection & post-arthroscopic procedures. Oral support for the maintenance of joint health: • In conjunction with Polyglycan Sterile Solution • For young and developing horses • For all horses in training or competition • For older horses with arthritic conditions
ASPCA Pet Health Insurance facebook twitter
728 What if more clients could say yes to your recommendations? Visit the ASPCA Pet Health Insurance booth to see how we can help your business grow. Our plans reimburse up to 90% of covered veterinary costs, and clients can choose from a range of affordable coverage options. Coverage is available for accidents, illnesses, wellness care, hereditary and congenital issues, alternative therapies and more. Call 1-877-738-2677 to schedule a free lunch and learn for your team.
Aventix 229 Aventix specializes in veterinary ophthalmology and nutritionals. Aventix is one of the largest suppliers to the veterinary ophthalmic marketplace through the marketing of its OPTIXCARE range of products: Eye Lube, Eye Lube+Hyaluron, Eye Cleaner & Wipes and L-Lysine Chews. Aventix has two of the market leading renal supplements, Aventi KP & Aventi KS along with Florentero an advanced nutritional supplement.
Avid Identification Systems, Inc 345 The Microchip was engineered to provide a sophisticated yet economical method for permanent, positive and safe identification. It features a custom integrated circuit, coil and capacitor hermetically sealed in biocompatible glass. Come and visit us and see why we are a "Runaway Success."
AVImark 317 Part of the Henry Schein Animal Health family of companies, AVImark is the company that understands its customers. Since 1988, AVImark has provided the veterinary industry with unparalleled excellence in computer software. Today, AVImark is the best-selling veterinary software available, with nearly 10,000 customers in the U.S. and Canada. The company also delivers other innovative practice management tools designed to save veterinary practices time and money, including website hosting and marketing communications services, online data backup services, credit card processing, and computer hardware sales and service. Based in Piedmont, MO, AVImark currently employs more than 130 people and is owned by Henry Schein, the largest companion animal health distributor in the United States. For more information, please visit www.avimark.net.
AVMA PLIT 508 The AVMA PLIT-sponsored Program was developed to specifically meet the unique insurance needs of veterinarians and veterinary practices. The PLIT offers competitive workers’ compensation rates and business insurance coverages as well as safety and loss control resources. Stop by our booth to meet with Program representatives who will be available to respond to your questions, comments, or suggestions. Ask about our veterinary safety manual and pick-up free safety posters.
Banfield Pet Hospital facebook twitter 537 Founded in Portland, Oregon, in 1955, Banfield has become the leading private veterinary practice in the world, with more than 850 hospitals in neighborhoods across the U.S. More than 2,200 veterinarians at Banfield are committed to giving pets the highest quality of veterinary care. Banfield hospitals offer a full-range of comprehensive medical services, computerized medical records, extended operating hours, and helps extend the lives of millions of pets each year through our Optimum Wellness Plans®.
Bank of America Practice Solutions 524 Bank of America Practice Solutions specializes in financing for new and existing veterinary practices providing loans for equipment, practice sales/acquisitions, relocations, expansions, remodeling, new practice start-ups, refinancing, business debt consolidation, real estate & more.
Bayer HealthCare 529 Maker of Seresto®, Advantage Multi® (imidacloprid + moxidectin) Topical Solution, Advantage®II, K9 Advantix®II, Drontal® (praziquantel/pyrantel pamoate), Drontal ® Plus (praziquantel/pyrantel pamoate/febantel), Profender® (emodepside/praziquantel), Veraflox® (pradofloxacin), Baytril® (enrofloxacin) & the entire DVM Product line.
Best Breed Pet Foods facebook 224 Holistic Pet Nutrition since 1994. Based in Findlay, Ohio...Best Breed is a family-owned company specializing in all-natural dog and cat foods using wholesome ingredients from the United States, Canada, and New Zealand. Best Breed products are meat-based made with chicken, lamb or salmon including grain-free with no potato formulas. Made in Ohio.
Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. 320–322 Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. is dedicated to developing and manufacturing safe and effective products for the veterinary industry. Our portfolio of products include Metacam®, Vetmedin®, and ProZinc™, as well as the Duramune®, Fel-O-Vax®, Fel-O-Guard® and new ULTRA™ Duramune® lines of vaccines. With new PureFil™ Technology, you can count on the same outstanding disease protection and expect more innovation from our vaccines now and in the future. 

Boehringer Ingelheim is one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies. Since it was founded in 1885, the family-owned company has been committed to researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing novel products of high therapeutic value for human and veterinary medicine.
Boggs Specialties LLC 323 New and used medical equipment , equipment appraisals ,service,repair,calibration and replacement parts.
Buckeye Biomedical Services, LLC 826 Buckeye Biomedical Services, LLC - provides professional quality repairs to many types of medical devices, dental equipment, surgical equipment, anesthesia equipment, autoclaves, microscopes, centrifuges and general biomedical equipment repair service used at your practice. We also offer our clients annual preventative maintenance and calibrations services. We are proud to say we service many Animal Hospitals and Veterinary clinics across Ohio, West Virginia, Northern Kentucky & Western Pennsylvania. Buckeye Biomedical Services, LLC is a Veteran owned and operated Independent Service Organization. We are fully endorsed by Healthcare Technology Management Association of Ohio (HTMA-OH). Remember, the smartest and most cost effective capital asset management strategy is to repair and maintain the medical equipment you already own at your practice.
Calzuro.com facebook twitter 127 The number one goal of Calzuro.com is customer satisfaction. Calzuro shoes are manufactured in Podava Italy and pleases different work genres, including veterinary. Podiatrists recommend shoes with a one and a half inch heel for professionals who stand for long periods of time. Veterinarians and their technicians wear Calzuro during surgery as well as in the office. Calzuro soles are important on the job because they are slip-resistant. The shoes are machine washable and dryer safe, plus can be disinfected with bleach! Treat your feet for good posture and less fatigue at calzuro.com!
Campbell Pet Company
232–234 No description provided.
CareCredit 253 No description provided.
Centura X-Ray 444 Centura X-Ray is a provider of high end digital and analog x-ray equipment, service, and supplies. We are your single source for everything x-ray related.
Ceva Animal Health, LLC 609–611 No description provided.
Christian Icons & X-RAY, LLC 329 Radiology:  DR Flat Panel Digital Small Animal and Equine DR Portable – these are “must see” systems.  AllPro ScanX Systems processes both Full Body and Intraoral Dental Plates.  DR Digital Dental and DUO CR Digital Dental small animal systems. NOMAD Pro 2 Dental X-Ray.  Portable X-Ray 13lb Stiflelator 9020HF,  MinX & AJEX HF 120kVp/110v.  Film & Film Processors.  Aprons, Gloves, all accessories.  Leasing available.     Christian Icons & X-Ray, LLC, Springville, IN  www.x-rayman.com   888-825-6129
Christian Veterinary Mission facebook twitter 130 CVM is a fellowship of Christian veterinarians, veterinary students, technicians and those of allied interest who are committed to living their faith out through their profession. CVM staff and volunteers serve in developing countries around the world as well as here in the United States.
Clear optix 739 Clear optix is a surgical loupe and light company offering the highest quality loupes and lights at the lowest prices. Clear optix is also introducing our new chair line
ClienTrax Software facebook 457, 556 ClienTrax is a premier Veterinary Solution provider. Our Practice Management software is simple to learn, yet packed with powerful features such as Integrated digital dental, bi-directional lab (Heska, Abaxis, Idexx, Antech) and DICOM radiology integration, reminder-recall tracking, invoicing, histories, accounts receivable, statement printing, Rx Labels, inventory tracking, referral tracking, general ledger accounting, medical records, appointment scheduler, boarding, over 100 reports, and more! We also sell and support PACS, CR and DR digital x-ray solutions.
Columbus House Rabbit Society facebook twitter 347 Columbus House Rabbit Society is a licensed chapter of the House Rabbit Society, an international, nonprofit animal welfare organization. Our mission has two parts: •Through our fostering program, volunteers rescue abandoned rabbits and find permanent adoptive homes for them. •Through education, we seek to reduce the number of unwanted rabbits — and to improve bunnies' lives — by helping people better understand these often misunderstood companion animals.
Commerce National Bank 422 No description provided.
Companion Laser Therapy by Litecure, LLC facebook twitter
613–617 More practices reduce pain and accelerate healing with a Companion laser than any other. Companion Therapy Laser by LiteCure offers a selection of systems allowing for appropriately matching a laser to a practice’s needs. Companion lasers and delivery systems are designed and built specifically for veterinary use and are made in the U.S.A. at our FDA-registered facility. Intuitive software calculates proper and reproducible doses for each patient and the new Patient Tracker records and recalls histories and treatments.
Copich Architects 331 "Copich Architects has provided architectural services for over 550 animal care facilities nationwide since 1958. Serving a full range of projects, from smaller lease hold practices to new larger surgical referral practices, boarding facilities, zoo hospitals, and animal shelters. We are an award-wining firm committed to providing meaningful built environments that bring value to the community, improve the lives of the occupants and contribute to our clients success. Stop by our booth for a one-on-one discussion and discover how excellence in architectural design can make your future building plans a success."
Core Imaging facebook 813 Core Imaging offers only the best brands of ultrasound and X-RAY equipment like Philips and SIUI. We work with a wide range of veterinarians and veterinary facilities, including small animal, large animal, mixed and exotics practices, referral clinics, emergency and mobile facilities, zoos, breeders and universities. Whether you are an entry level user or a board certified radiologist or cardiologist, we’ll work with you to choose a solution that best fits your practice and needs. We work individually with each customer to ensure that our solution matches your desires exactly.
Covidien Animal Health 425 Many respected brands. One committed company. At Covidien Animal Health, we're passionate about making animal health care professionals as effective as they can be. From AutoSuture to ValleyLab, from Kendall to Monoject, our industry-leading brands are known worldwide for uncompromising quality. Through ongoing collaboration with medical professionals and organizations, we identify clinical needs and translate them into proven products and procedures. Over the years, we've pioneered a number of medical advances including the first veterinary specific needle, electro surgery, surgical stapling and laparoscopic instrumentation. Offering an extensive product line from medical devices to medical supplies, we serve healthcare needs in hospitals, clinics, non-profit organizations and veterinary universities.
CryoProbe 717 The CryoProbe is an innovative, efficient and portable cryosurgical device which treats skin lesions with pinpoint accuracy and with extreme control over the procedure. No anesthesia, little to no pre-operative skin preparation or post-operative care is needed. The CryoProbe easily adapts to every lesion regardless shape or size.
C. Specialties, Inc. 430 Since 1986, C Specialties, Inc. has been providing animal care products to veterinarians, humane societies, and animal control agencies across the United States. Focusing on safety, sanitation, convenience and habitat enrichment, you'll find products that not only benefit the animals in your card, but offer caregivers a quality they will appreciate. With your advertising needs in mind, we also specialize in custom imprinting on our cardboard pet carriers, leashes and carry out bags. We're committed to exploring innovative solutions on behalf of animals.
Cuattro Digital Imaging 223–225 Cuattro’s flat panel digital radiography systems improve efficiency and workflow, for increased productivity and lower costs. Cuattro digital flat panel same-day retrofits, complete rooms and mobile digital X-ray systems, and cloud–based archiving and PACS, deliver better performance, perfect images, in half the time of CR or film.
Dan Scott & Associates, Inc. 533 We market and distribute veterinary equipment with a special focus on Ophthalmic Telemedicine and Tonometry, Blood Pressure Screening, Critical Care Monitoring and Patient Warming, Continuous Glucose Monitoring, Hematology and Electrolyte Analyzer, and our new Orthopedic Instrument Line. Please visit our booth and see how we can benefit your practice today!
Dechra Veterinary Products twitter 644 Dechra Veterinary Products’ companion animal portfolio includes VETORYL® Capsules (trilostane), FelimazoleTM (methimazole) Coated Tablets, VETROPOLYCIN® (bacitracin-neomycin-polymyxin) Veterinary Ophthalmic Ointment and VETROPOLYCIN® HC (bacitracin-neomycin-polymyxin-hydrocortisone acetate 1%) Veterinary Ophthalmic Ointment, PHYCOX® joint health supplements, MURICIN® (mupirocin ointment 2%), as well as an extensive topical dermatologic line for veterinary use. Dechra’s equine portfolio includes OSPHOS® (clodronate injection), Orthokine® vet irap 10 and 60, Osteokine® (PRP), and EQUIDONE® (domperidone) Gel.
Diamondback Drugs facebook twitter 432 Diamondback Drugs specializes in custom compounding for prescribers nationwide. The ability to have prescriptions compounded is especially useful for veterinarians because many products they are used to using have either been discontinued by the manufacturer or are not available in the strength or combination required. We can prepare formulations containing the exact dose of active ingredient(s), in dosage forms that are easy to administer and which taste great.
Dog is Good facebook 138 Creators of the BEST gifts for dog, cat, and horse lovers, Dog Is Good offers unique, original designs for APPAREL, SCRUBS, GIFTS, HOME DECOR, AND GREETING CARDS. A brand favorite among dog lovers, the broad selection of items guarantees you will find the perfect item for you, staff, family, friends,and the person caring for your pets. Wholesale opportunities for your practice available.
DS Architecture/J. Herbert Construction 125 DSA/JHC will be offering a new concept for delivery of improvements to your animal care facility. Stop by our booth to find out more!
DVM Multimedia facebook twitter 747 We are experts in veterinary website design and veterinary marketing. We’ve worked intimately with veterinarians and veterinary hospitals of all sizes since 2010, providing them with cutting edge web solutions that turn the internet into an advantage for their clinics. We focus our website design and marketing efforts solely on the veterinary industry, and as a result we have developed proven campaigns that not only raise your bottom line, but enhance your clients’ experience with you as well.
DVM Solutions facebook 710 DVM Solutions is a full service veterinary distribution company specializing in products and services for the progressive practitioner. For 2015, DVM Solutions is pleased to announce the HDO Vet BP monitor for quick and easy blood pressure screening. The 32 bit processor allows the HDO to be less sensitive to movement, making it the perfect choice for exam room screening. Acquire systolic, diastolic and MAP in about 10 seconds. Also featured is the VetGard Plus, a multiparameter PC based vital signs monitoring system, capable of recording vital signs data for up to four patients at a time for twenty-four hours. This device will allow the practitioner to wirelessly communicate CO2, ECG, SpO2, respiration, heart rate and dual mode temperature to your PC. The VetGard Plus comes with 3 esophageal probes, allowing you do monitor small animals of all sizes. Effortlessly save ECG tracings and vital signs data into your practice management software.
621 Striving to fill the unmet needs in the veterinary industry, Elanco Companion Animal Health offers some of the latest in product innovations to support the valuable role of veterinarians. Elanco best-in-class products enable veterinarians to help pets live longer, healthier, higher-quality lives by providing solutions to the challenges you face on a daily basis. To learn more about Elanco’s support of the veterinary profession, visit Elanco booth 621 or elancovet.com.
Embrace Pet Insurancefacebook twitter 420 Embrace Pet Insurance specializes in pet health insurance for cats and dogs in the United States. We're pet insurance experts with one of the highest customer satisfaction scores in the industry and we are revolutionizing the pet insurance market with our customizable plans. The reason we got into the pet insurance business was to change it. Visit our booth to find out how Embrace can benefit your clients. 
Enovative Technologies facebook twitter 226 Enovative Technologies designs products that help improve people’s lives. Our brands focus on enhancing comfort, well-being and convenience for our consumers. Our TENS massagers are the leading devices for portable relief of pain and discomfort. We stand behind our brands and strive to provide best-in-class service to channel partners and end users.
Faithful Companion Pet Cremation Services facebook 741 Faithful Companion provides veterinary clinics with dignified pet cremation services including: Same Day pickup (no freezer storage). 24 hour return. Home return and pickup available. special containers for private and communal cremations. Staffed 365 days/year from 8am - Midnight.
Flexible Footwear Company 324 Shoe manufacturer
ForeverLawn facebook twitter 840 GRASS WITHOUT LIMITS. Experience the durability and beauty of synthetic grass by ForeverLawn®. With innovations such as K9Grass™, designed specifically for dogs, Playground Grass™, the new generation of playground surfacing, SportsGrass®, playing at a higher level, and SplashGrass™, fun and functional waterpark grass, ForeverLawn is the leader in synthetic surfacing. K9Grass™ is the artificial grass designed specifically for dogs! With its unique flow-through backing and antimicrobial agents built into the blades, K9Grass offers a cleaner, safer environment for pets. Say goodbye to muddy yards and paws--K9Grass is the solution! See for yourself why K9Grass is revolutionizing pet care facilities.
Fuller X-Ray 451 We are a Regional x-ray company with full Equipment, Services, and Sales available for both digital and analog X-Ray.
GLC Direct facebook 730 GLC Direct - Maker of Actistatin (R)- Clinically proven oral joint support products for horses, dogs, and people that increases natural HA production in synovial tissues and maximizes absorption to the bloodstream. 100% pure powder concentrate with no loading dose that gets results! Vet Exclusive with no internet competition. Excellent margins for vets. Excellent results for clients. Excellent sampling programs to help get started! Stop in GLC Direct's booth to learn more!
Heartland Bank 822 Financial Institution, Community Bank
Henry Schein Animal Health 309–315 Henry Schein Animal Health® is the nation’s leading animal health distributor for wellness, compliance, and practice management solutions.  Partnering with 400+ suppliers, we bring the broadest selection of products and services to veterinarians, including: dentistry, diagnostics, diets, equipment and supplies, nutraceuticals, parasiticides, pharmaceuticals, private label, financing, equipment repair, hospital design, home delivery, inventory management, technology, and more.   Contact us today at (855) SCHEIN1 (724-3461) or www.henryscheinvet.com.  Follow our Social Media Network on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
Heska Corporation 221 Heska Corporation (NASDAQ: HSKA) sells advanced veterinary diagnostic and other specialty veterinary products. Heska's state-of-the-art offerings to its customers include diagnostic and monitoring instruments and supplies as well as single use, point-of-care tests, vaccines and pharmaceuticals. The company's core focus is on the canine and feline markets where it strives to provide high value products for unmet needs in veterinary medicine. For further information on Heska and its products, visit the company's website at www.heska.com.
Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc.
337 For more than 70 years, Hill’s® has provided the most technologically advanced therapeutic and wellness foods to veterinary professionals.  Hill’s® Prescription Diet® brand is a complete line of therapeutic pet foods formulated to nutritionally manage pets with various disease conditions.  Hill’s® Science Diet® products are specially formulated to provide advanced nutrition for a wide range of lifestage and special wellness needs.  
Hudson Aquatic Systems, LLC facebook 214 World leader in aquatic therapy, wellness, and conditioning offering stand alone underwater treadmill systems and pools for small animals as well as modular stand alone underwater treadmill systems for equine use.
Hy Tech Marketing 452 Muscle massager
Iams Veterinary Formulas – Mars Petcare 450 Iams® Veterinary FormulaTM therapeutic diets are designed to manage acute or chronic conditions in dogs and cats. We dedicate ourselves to the advancement of pet health and nutrition through outstanding research and technology. For additional information, contact our Consumer Relations team at 800-535-VETS or visit www.Iamsvetformula.com.
IDEA X-RAY Sales and Service 237 IDEA X-RAY Sales and Service is a full line digital imaging company serving veterinarians in Ohio and surrounding states since 1979. We are proud to offer Carestream Digital CR and DR Imaging Systems with Genesis Digital Imaging PACS and viewing software for small clinics to large multidisciplinary hospitals. We also offer a variety of new and pre-owned x-ray systems including large and small animal, dental, CT and ultrasound as well as portable digital x-ray systems for equine imaging in the field. Our x-ray service department is available to anybody 24/7. Regardless of what kind of x-ray equipment you have, our service personnel have the factory training and expertise to get you back in operation. Our additional imaging services include: Radiation Shielding Design, Radiation Surveys, Room Layouts, Installation Coordination, Equipment Relocation and Disposal. Does the State X-ray Inspection have you worried? We specialize in the Ohio Department of Health X-ray Inspection Compliance Process. Our Radiation Safety Program is designed specifically for your facility and unique practice. Call IDEA at 800-362-5000 or visit us on the web at ideaxray.com "It's all about the image..."
IDEXX Laboratories 109 So you can focus on productivity and quality of care at every touch point of your day, we focus on innovative products and services that create efficiencies and ensure dependability and accuracy. We’re here to help you deliver real-time care during your patients’ visits, increase client satisfaction and compliance and grow a healthier, more profitable practice. From SNAP® pet-side diagnostic tests, IDEXX VetLab® diagnostic instruments and advanced reference laboratory and consulting services to digital radiography systems, information integration solutions, dependable service and support and education—we have the tools you need to reach your practice’s potential.
ImproMed, LLC 408 No description provided.
Infinite Trading Inc 746 marketing of digital massager
Invisible Fence Brand facebook twitter 628 Invisible Fence Brand systems are safe, humane, and highly recommended by veterinarians, behaviorists, and pet experts. Over the last 40 years, we’ve helped more than two million pets and their owners lead safe and harmonious lives together. Our proven P.E.T. Approach™ training method ensures the success of our products every time, with any pet, and in every household. The result? An unparalleled success rating (over 99%) and the most effective solutions in the industry.
Jorgensen Laboratories 412-416 No description provided.
Kan Herb Company 612 At Kan, quality is a way of life. Made and tested in the USA. Our certificates of analysis reflect our commitment to the quality, safety and efficacy of our products We have been manufacturer of high quality Chinese herbal products since 1987. We carry the Kan Traditional, Kan Herbal, Chines Modular Solutions, Sage Solutions, Gentle Warriors, Mycoherb, Jade Woman and Jade Man Herbals, Kan Essentials, Alembic, and Kan Singles lines. Scientific Assurance: All Kan proprietary products are manufactured and tested exclusively in the United States, following current Good Manufacturing Practices. We test and validate each formula batch, assuring potency, consistency, safety and purity. Our certificates of analysis attest to our commitment to quality. Extensive Product Selection: Kan Herb Company offers superior formulations by renowned leaders in the field of Chinese Herbology, with the largest selection of concentrated liquid extracts available. Our tablets are potent, easily assimilated and bio-available. Practitioner Support: Kan’s licensed expert consultants stand ready to assist you during business hours with all of your herb-related questions. Kan Herb Company Online: Kan Herb Company Online offers innovative new services, including an online Distribution Center, an Expanded Product Search Tool, and an easy to use Ordering Module. Certificates of analysis for each formula batch are available for immediate download. Visit us at www.kanherb.com
Karen & Company, LLC facebook 121 In addition to unique sterling, steel, pewter and gemstone jewelry (including animal theme and veterinary caduceus); we are the authors of Ultrasound for the Veterinary Practitioner, self-study DVDs. Come by and browse the bling and pick up some information to help you improve your ultrasound skills
Kinetic Technologies facebook 446 Kinetic Technologies is a Veterinarian owned company based in Lexington, KY. Kinetic manufactures a line of Dermatology, Wound Treatment, and Hoof Care Products, concentrated for the Equine Practitioner, which, is exclusive to them through the Animal Health network of distributors.
K-Laser facebook twitter 708 Built upon a solid foundation of European research and development, K-LaserUSA has earned worldwide recognition for its therapy and treatment solutions. The K-LaserUSA development team is dedicated to offering the most advanced technologies to our clients, with a never-ending dedication to innovation. K-LaserUSA continues to set the standard in laser therapy with its K-CUBE™4: a revolutionary laser solution with 4-independently controlled wavelengths and 15-Watts of power combined into one portable device. Surgery, drug and pain free the K-CUBE™4 delivers remarkable results making it an invaluable resource. For more information visit www.k-laserusa.com.
Lighthouse Veterinary Personnel Services facebook 428 Lighthouse has provided skilled veterinarians with great personalities on a temporary or permanent basis to practices and businesses throughout the Midwest for over 26 years.
Lincoln Memorial University College of Veterinary Medicine facebook twitter 136 Community based educational models provide for cost-effective, real-world, hands-on learning experiences. Additionally, it allows for a mutually beneficial, collaborative partnership between the veterinary college and community professionals. At LMU-CVM, we are committed to advancing compassionate veterinary care.
Live Oak Bank facebook twitter 630 Live Oak Bank provides the highest level of responsiveness to the financing needs of the veterinary industry including: practice acquisitions, expansion projects, ground-up construction and real estate. The lending team has a combined 50+ years of experience in providing innovative and cost-effective financing for veterinarians. Live Oak Bank believes that we will be able to provide you with an accurate and comprehensive proposal for your financing needs.
Lystn, LLC makers of Answers Pet Food 134 Lystn, LLC makers of Answers Pet Food
MAI Animal Health facebook 650 MAI Animal Health™ is THE SOURCE for solutions in animal healthcare. MAI Animal Health represents a family of multi-faceted manufacturers and brands that have been servicing the animal health industry for over 30 years. We manufacture and supply a vast array of innovative, practical products for veterinarians and producers across multiple species (large and small) in categories including: Containers, Reproduction, Dental, Specialty, Instruments, and Nutritionals. We share a core commitment to improving both the quality and efficiency of animal healthcare solutions available. Recognized and trusted globally, we proudly offer products through our valued distributor and dealer partners.
Marshfield Labs 325 An experienced and trusted laboratory leader-the only veterinary diagnostic lab whose standards are the same as our multi-accredited human diagnostic lab. Our experienced team of ACVP diplomate pathologists and technologists diagnose disease of companion, food and zoo animals, aquaria and wildlife as well as provide valuable data for animal and medical device studies. Marshfield Labs offers a comprehensive test menu of both clinical and anatomic pathology services and outstanding customer service.
Mason Company 351–353 With over 120 years of industry experience, Mason Company is the leader in providing kennel systems for animal control facilities. Headquartered in Ohio, Mason offers the broadest product line in the animal enclosure industry to fit any application or budget. Comprehensive and complimentary design assistance is available through our team of project engineers with equipment drawings available in either Revit or AutoCAD in the Design Center on our website. Mason also offers complete installation services.
MedVet Medical & Cancer Centers for Pets facebook 721–723 MedVet Medical & Cancer Centers for Pets is one of the largest veterinarian-owned multispecialty and emergency practices in the country.   MedVet provides expert specialized care in areas such as anesthesiology, avian and exotics, cardiology, dermatology, integrative medicine, internal medicine, interventional radiology, medical oncology, neurology, ophthalmology, radiation oncology, radiology, rehabilitative services, and surgical services.  MedVet treats more than 60,000 dogs and cats every year, working together with referral partners to fulfill the mission of leading specialty healthcare for pets.  Three of MedVet’s Ohio medical centers (Columbus, Cincinnati & Dayton) are the first AAHA Accredited Specialty Referral hospitals in the state of Ohio.  MedVet Columbus was named the AAHA Accredited Referral Practice of the Year for 2014. MedVet has four locations within Ohio plus two locations in Louisiana.  Founded in 1988, MedVet celebrated their 25th anniversary in 2013.  
Merck Animal Health 829–833 Merck Animal Health is a global market leader focused on research, development, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceuticals and vaccines. Our booth will feature Nobivac® vaccines including CIV and Lepto4, Activyl® flea treatment for cats and dogs, Activyl® Tick Plus for dogs only, Posatex® for otitis externa, Vetsulin® (porcine insulin zinc suspension), Orbax® Oral Suspension antibiotic, and HomeAgain® Microchip & Lost Pet Recovery System. Merck Animal Health (Intervet Inc) is a subsidiary of Merck & Co, Inc., Kenilworth, NJ, USA. For more information visit merck-animal-health-usa.com.
415 Merial is a world-leading, innovation-driven animal health company, providing a comprehensive range of products to enhance the health, well-being and performance of a wide range of animals.

Merial is a Sanofi company.

For more information, please see www.merial.com.
Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital 409 Central Hospital, Emergency and Referral Center
Midmark Animal Health 844 Midmark provides innovative equipment solutions to veterinary professionals around the world. Offering a complete line of veterinary equipment, including anesthesia products, dental delivery systems, monitoring and critical care products, exam and treatment tables, and other essential equipment, Midmark provides solutions for better patient care and better business. Midmark also offers some of the clearest, most inclusive training in the industry, and all products are backed by an independent service and support network.
Midwest Veterinary Supply, Inc. 614–616 Midwest Veterinary Supply is a family/employee owned, full-line distributor. We proudly represent major manufacturers in the Veterinary industry. Established in 1961, MVS has 6 branch locations in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Texas providing next day delivery. Our broad range of services include: biologicals, pharmaceuticals, equipment, instruments, practice support, in-clinic training, and much more. Stop by our booth and find out what we can start doing for you.
MSU Diagnostic Center for Population and Animal Health 740 A premier, full-service veterinary diagnostic laboratory housed in a state-of-the-art facility at Michigan State University, the Diagnostic Center for Population and Animal Health (DCPAH) is fully accredited for all species. In addition to a catalog of 700+ tests, our experts are available for consultation on cases. Visit our booth to see why our expertise and service have earned us clients in all 50 states and more than 10 foreign countries.
Mt Hope Grief Services 344 Mt Hope Grief Services help veterinarians assist their clients after the death of a pet. Dr. Jason Troyer (a psychologist, professor, and grief specialist) has developed customizable grief booklets that help demonstrate care and empathy for grieving pet owners. Mt Hope Grief Services helps veterinarians build relationships in life's darkest moments.
Multi Radiance Medical facebook 645 Multi Radiance has for over 20 years manufactured Super Pulsed Lasers for human applications including chiropractic, rehabilitation, and for sports teams in 30 countries. Now, the MR4 ACTIVET offers cordless Super Pulsed Laser for Veterinary use and was named the Official Laser Supplier to the U. S. Equestrian Foundation. MultiRadiance.com
Musculoskeletal Therapies for Animalsfacebook 241 Musculoskeletal Therapies for Animals (MTA) provides innovation technologies for animal rehabilitation and non-invasive pain management. Stop by to visit with us about the Oasis Canine Underwater Treadmill, the number one selling UWTM in North America, the unique PiezoWave Vet shockwave therapy device and the Assisi Loop for pain, inflammation and wound healing.
MWI Veterinary Supply 637–641 MWI Veterinary Supply/AAHA MARKETLink has partnered with all major pharmaceutical, diet, and equipment manufacturers to bring you a selection of more than 30,000 products serving the livestock, small animal, and equine veterinarian. We are ready to take your order at 800-824-3703 or online at www.mwivet.com or www.aahamarketlink.com to learn more. 
Nature's Logic facebook 245 The first and only full line of pet food with no synthetic ingredients.
Nova Biomedical 231 Nova manufactures point of care meters for glucose, creatinine, lactate, and ketone testing, and the Stat Profile® Prime Vet blood gas/critical care analyzer that provides a comprehensive menu of blood gases, electrolytes, chemistry, and hematology for veterinary emergency or critical care testing. Stat Profile Prime Vet features ZERØ™ Maintenance cartridge technology, simple operation, results in 60 seconds, and low-cost testing. This 10-test system measures pH, PCO2, PO2, Na+, K+, Cl-, Ca++, glucose, lactate, and hematocrit with just 100 µL of blood.The Nova Vet field analyzer is used for fast, 10-second blood ketone monitoring in transition cows. StatStrip® Lactate provides rapid point of care screening and monitoring of sepsis, with 13-second results; StatSensor® Creatinine measures creatinine and calculates estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) from a small capillary blood sample for rapid assessment of renal function.
Nutramax Laboratories, Inc. 336 No description provided.
Ohio Physicians Health Program 122 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that provides education and support services to healthcare professionals that are having issues that are impacting their health and wellbeing.
The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine – Veterinary Medical Center facebook twitter 509–511 Founded in 1885, The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine is ranked 5th in the nation and includes more than 1,000 faculty, staff and students. The Veterinary Medical Center is one of the largest specialty referral and emergency centers in the world, with more than 33,000 farm, equine, and companion animal patient visits each year, and a Clinical Trials Office offering new treatments not available elsewhere. Located on the only campus in the country with seven health sciences colleges and a comprehensive medical center, the college admits up to 162 veterinary students per class, and offers a comprehensive graduate program in Veterinary and Comparative Medicine as well as a unique Master’s degree in Veterinary Public Health. http://vet.osu.edu.    
Otto Trading Inc 220 Manufacturer and distributor of hand-held portable digital massagers. TENS unit
Patterson Veterinary 429 Patterson Veterinary has helped small animal, equine and mixed animal practices succeed with the best products, consistently outstanding customer service and industry-leading equipment and supplies. In addition to the things you expect – we offer an array of value added business solutions and signature programs that you wouldn’t expect.
Paul Hall and Associates facebook twitter 456 When it comes to selecting an insurance company, what's most important to you? Financial strength? Performance? Reliability? Competitive prices? Superior service? Understanding vet practices? Paul Hall and Associates is able to provide expertise in each of these essential aspects of your business. For over 25 years, Paul Hall and Associates and Nationwide have been protecting veterinarians and other small business owners with professional liability, as well as other comprehensive business insurance needs. At Paul Hall & Associates we value people, we are customer-focused, we act with honesty and integrity, and we value our customers as part of our family. Visit our booth to learn more about protecting your clinic, life, health, home and auto. While you're there, pick up your free flyswatter or back-scratcher and enter to win a free TV!
Paws & Remember 547 Since 1997, Paws & Remember has been providing full service memorialization for pets of every description. Our high-quality cremation, personalized urns, and memorial products will help you and your family express your feelings, pay tribute and reflect. To learn more about Paws & Remember,contact your local Paws & Remember representative or visit www.pawsand remember.com
Payment Logistics 124 Payment Logistics is OVMA's recommended merchant service provider.
Penn Veterinary Supply, Inc. 330–332 Founded in 1981, Penn Veterinary Supply focuses on lifelong relationships with our customers. We are a full-service ethical veterinary distributor with an emphasis on service. Our inventory includes over 8,000 items on the floor and ready to ship to you. Including: pharmaceuticals, vaccines/biologicals, diagnostics, surgical supplies, and equipment. We offer a variety of FDA approved generics, early payment discounts, web discounts, no minimums, no shipping charges and the most helpful sales staff in the industry.
Petbrosia.com facebook twitter 215 Petbrosia.com introduces the first nutritional system designed for each pet's unique nutritional needs. It is not a ""one-size-fits all"" pet food lineup. Petbrosia offers veterinarians and pet owners online tools to build a nutritional profile for pets. Petbrosia uses only the highest quality, all-natural ingredients, grown and raised in the USA. Petbrosia exists to improve the wellbeing of dogs, cats and pet parents, by providing products that better meet the needs of both pets and their families. For more information, go to Petbrosia.com or call (888) 682-4428.
Pet Cremation Services, Inc. 321 Pet Cremation Services and Custom Urn Sales
Pet Health Pharmacy facebook 631 Pet Health Pharmacy makes caring for pets easy! Our compounded medications are available in a variety of dosage forms, and our service is second to none. We use only quality ingredients supplied from reputable sources, and every prescription is inspected multiple times by our skilled staff prior to shipping. You can feel secure about using prescriptions from Pet Health Pharmacy. Most orders ship within 24 hours. Please contact us for your clinic needs. Ask about our automatic refill service. Pet Health Pharmacy: Custom Compounding with Our Personal Touch
PetPartner Appfacebook twitter 350 PetPartner helps veterinarians find and keep more clients with a free app for their clients and the industry's best reminder system. You'll see compliance go up, no shows go down, call volumes decrease, and happiness among staff and clients go way up.
Petplan Pet Insurance 816 As America’s best loved pet insurance provider, Petplan is dedicated to giving pet parents the support and resources needed to keep pets thriving. Petplan policies uniquely cover all hereditary and congenital conditions as standard and come with a Covered for Life guarantee. Petplan is the only pet insurer to offer exclusive, interactive, vet-authored content and publish fetch!, a quarterly pet health magazine. Visit our booth to find out how your practice can benefit from Petplan.
Pet ProClean facebook 550 Pet ProClean is a Division of Hillside Maintenance Supply dedicated to meet the specific needs of the animal care industry. A family owned company serving the greater Cincinnati market since 1933, we have over 30 years of experience in the veterinary industry, in both privately owned hospitals and corporate veterinary companies. We pride ourselves on being a service oriented company and a valuable resource for knowledge and training in the field of cleaning and sanitation products and solutions, safety and inventory management. We know that housekeeping, maintenance and compliance is a daily reality at busy animal hospitals. Paying attention to detail and getting the job done quickly and the right way is critically important so your team can focus on what is most important – the pets in your care. We offer: • Tools and resources to help your hospital look its best: o Green, all natural, ecologically responsible products for facilities and pets o Floor care products o Sanitizing products o Biohazard products o Laundry supplies o Safety products o Vacuums o Paper products o Garbage cans and liners o Brooms and mops o Office supplies o Steam cleaners o Floor refinisher • Complimentary Hospital Safety Compliance Assessments • Complimentary Inventory Management Training • Complimentary Safety Orientation Training for hospital teams • Comprehensive Safety Program, program set up and assistance with program maintenance
PetRays Veterinary Telemedicine Consultants 836 PetRays’ clients benefit from rapid, reliable, and accurate radiology consults. Our team of highly trained specialists is available when you need us. PetRays guarantees rapid turnaround so clinical decisions can be made in a timely manner. 30 and 60 minute STAT options are available for radiology consultations and routine radiology reports are delivered within an average of 3 hours. PetRays is an efficient, trusted resource; enabling important, lifesaving, clinical decisions to be made in a timely manner. PetRays takes the stress out of specialty consultations so you can focus on what you do best, providing high-quality veterinary medicine.
Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Service facebook 217 Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center (PVSEC) is the most comprehensive, multi-specialty veterinary center in western Pennsylvania. Our state of the art facility features board-certified veterinary specialists, 24/7 emergency care, CT scanning, and western Pennsylvania's only on-site High-field MRI and radiation therapy for pets. We are conveniently located off I-279 at Camp Horne Road, just 10 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh.
PractiVet 834 Whether it’s IV administration sets, high quality German made instruments or surgical devices, our products were designed specifically for the veterinary patient. Come by to check out the full-line of innovative products and ask about our Specials.
Primal Pet Foods 117 Primal Pet Foods is a San Francisco, CA, based manufacturer of fully prepared, human-grade raw foods and treats for dogs and cats. Primal Pet Foods was founded with the goal of improving the quality of life and overall health and happiness of pets through wholesome raw foods that mimic the diet of animals in the wild. All of Primals raw foods and treats are produced using the freshest, human-grade, antibiotic-free and steroid-free meats, poultry and game, certified organic produce, certified organic minerals and unrefined vitamins. At Primal Pet Foods, we procure our meats, poultry and game from ranchers throughout the United States that take pride in producing wholesome sources of protein through natural, sustainable agriculture. Primal Pet Foods is committed to elevating the health of all pets and to educating their owners as to the benefits of feeding high-quality nutritional foods and treats as a superior alternative to processed pet foods.
Prime Coat Coating Systems 732 Prime Coat Coating Systems manufactures and installs high performance polymer coating systems that beautify and protect facility floors, walls and other surfaces.
Pro Diagnostic Imaging Systems by PTSI 622 Pro Diagnostic Imaging Systems by PTSI offers diagnostic imaging and x-ray equipment solutions to health-care professionals. Offering both new and certified previously owned x-ray imaging equipment, allows us to meet any of your budgetary needs. Our responsive professional service, on either new purchases or your existing x-ray equipment, maintains your investment to maximize your patient through-put and minimize down time.
Purina 521–523 Purina is a leader in the field of canine & feline nutrition, helping you make a daily impact on your patients’ quality of life.  Stop by our exhibit to learn more about our patented therapeutic Purina Veterinary Diets ™ formulas and our nutritional supplement, FortiFlora™.  Find out how Purina research breakthroughs can help you more effectively manage obesity, diabetes mellitus, joint mobility and gastrointestinal tract conditions.  Receive dietary information on our therapeutic and wellness products and P4P—staff feeding program.  For further information on Purina, visit us online at http://www.purinaveterinarydiets.com or 1-800-222-VETS.
Rider + Reinke Financial Group
135 Financial Planning
Roadrunner Pharmacy 333 Roadrunner Pharmacy provides compounded medications to veterinarians and their patients nationwide. We offer a variety of capsules, suspensions, injectables, transdermal gels and ophthalmic preparations and are an excellent resource for compounding back-ordered or discontinued medications. All new prescriptions are shipped UPS overnight and refills by UPS 2-day, both at no charge. Stop by and ask about our Guaranteed Overnight Delivery program!
Rose Micro Solutions 218, 733 Rose Micro Solutions sells High Quality Optical Loupes & LED Lights for Less! Our Loupes start @ $279.00. We are a "Family" Business consisting of 4 Brothers.We named the company after our mother "ROSE". www.rosemicrosolutions.com 716-608-0009
Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine
731 Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine (RUSVM) is a provider of veterinary education, offering a doctor of veterinary medicine degree program. Located in St. Kitts, RUSVM is accredited by the St. Christopher & Nevis Accreditation Board, Ministry of Education, and is the first Caribbean veterinary school to receive American Veterinary Medical Association Council on Education accreditation. RUSVM is affiliated with 22 Schools of Veterinary Medicine in the US where students complete their clinical year. There are over 60 full-time faculty at RUSVM, virtually all of whom hold a DVM degree. RUSVM has graduated nearly 2,800 successful veterinarians who are practicing in all 50 US states, Canada and Puerto Rico. RUSVM operates on a three-semester schedule, allowing students to start in September, January or May, and has administrative offices in North Brunswick, NJ. Eligible students can receive US federal loans.
Royal Canin Pet Food Manufacturer 725–727 Royal Canin Pet Food Manufacturer
RxVitamins, Inc. facebook 525 Rx Vitamins offers a line of high-quality veterinary nutraceutical formulas. All formulas are designed and tested by Robert Silver, DVM, and are produced in FDA-inspected, GMP-compliant laboratories. Rx Vitamins formulas are marketed and sold exclusively to veterinarians. Featured products include Hepato Support, Rx Biotic, Rx Clay, LiquiCarn, Ultra EFA, Phos-Bind and Rx Zyme. Please stop by to see what's new!
Saunders/Mosby/Elsevier 608 Saunders/Mosby/Elsevier is the world's leader in veterinary medical publishing. Come vist our booth see our latest offerings in veterinary medicine.
SBH Medical 736 SBH Medical is a specialty compounding pharmacy located in Worthington, OH and provides customized medications for veterinary needs.
scil animal care company facebook 716 scil animal care company is a global organization dedicated to delivering the highest quality products to the animal healthcare professional. At scil we offer a wide range of Hematology, Clinical Chemistry, Digital Imaging, Ultrasound, Digital Dental, Orthopedic, and point of care testing products. Stop by to see how we can improve your practice and find us on Facebook!
ScoDen, LLC 825 ScoDen, LLC is a full service veterinary practice broker/consultant. Our services include: practice sales, appraisals, transition consulting, and buyer representation services. We provide face-to-face consultations to maximize client retention and to minimize tax liabilities. We accompany all potential candidates to practice viewings and provide our clients with free legal draft documents for the practice sale. We pride ourselves on our reputation for expertise, service and results. All inquiries kept strictly confidential.
ServiceNet Medical X-Ray, LLC 308–310 Full Service, Sales, & Manufacture of Digital Imaging Systems, Servicing Mid-West Area completing repairs to all radiographic, ultrasound, Biomedical equipment For the past 38 years.  Supplying radiation Monitor Service entire USA
Shor-line (Schroer Mfg. Co.) facebook twitter 411 For over 86 years, Shor-Line has maintained a business philosophy dedicated to quality products and service. As an animal health industry innovator, Shor-Line is constantly reinventing and adding to an extensive array of products to help animal health professionals provide the best possible care for their patients. Our continuing research, field-testing, quality control and open dialog with professionals worldwide enable us to provide quality equipment that enhances animal care.
Sedecal USA Inc. 823 Vet Ray Technology by Sedecal, is the world’s largest manufacturer of Veterinary specific x-ray equipment. Vet Ray Technology has the top selling small animal table for both digital and film applications and supplies a wide variety of large animal products.
Simmons Great Lakes 424 Veterinary Practice Sales, Appraisals and Consulting. 
Smiths Medical/Surgivet 629 Smiths Medical offers a line of veterinary specific medical devices under the SurgiVet® brand. SurgiVet® is a globally recognized portfolio of products specific to the animal health industry including a comprehensive range of monitoring devices, anesthesia and patient warming systems, quality critical care consumables for clinics, emergency referral facilities, specialty and research markets.
Snap On Optics LLC 744 Bringing to you the new generation of extremely SUPER LIGHT WEIGHT comfortable loupes light and magnifiers. Our loupes and lights were made especially for health care professionals who want their loupes and light to be nearly weightless.
Snyder Manufacturing Co. 510 Snyder Mfg. Co., the leader in laminated animal care enclosures since 1957, produces laminate cage units and kennel runs designed to enrich your facility by creating a quiet and warm feeling. Designer colors and custom designs are available to enhance the aesthetic environment of your facility. Our product line includes: Kennel Runs, Intensive Care Units, Cage Units, Cat Cottageswith Litter Pan Hiders, Corner Cat Cottages, Drying Cages, Avian Treatment Cages, and Pet Display Units. Our experienced representatives are available to assist you with your facility design.
Sound-Eklin facebook twitter 209 Sound-Eklin®, the veterinary industry’s #1 Digital Imaging & PACS company offering Ultrasound, Digital Radiography, Imaging Education, & PACS Solutions.
Spectrum Surgical Instruments 312–316 No description provided.
StemLutions 557 StemLutions produces a biologic stem cell therapy (PulpCyte) for equine OA, tendon and other musculoskeletal problems. PulpCyte is a minimally manipulated tissue particulate injection that is available next day to the DVM or VMD. It arrives chilled and needs to refrigerated until use. A double blinded Clinical trial of 40 horses has demonstrated its statistical significant effect on lameness from OA, tendonitis and desmitis. Use in acute to refractory cases have shown promising results.
St. George's University, Grenada, West Indies facebook twitter 624 St. George’s University School of Veterinary Medicine DVM program is fully accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association Council on Education (AVMA COE). Since 1999, the School has provided its diverse student body with an internationally based veterinary medical education designed to prepare students for the world of global health care.
Suburban Surgical Co., Inc. 423 Suburban Surgical Co., Inc., an industrial manufacturing company that designs, engineers and fabricates stainless steel medical equipment specifically related to the care and housing of veterinary animals. Made in the USA. 800-323-7366
TC Architects, Inc. facebook 410 TC Architects is a full-service Architectural and Interior Design firm specializing in animal care and veterinary facilities. When you are considering remodeling, an addition or new facility, our expert staff can assist you throughout the entire process. We work locally, regionally and nationally and have LEED Accredited Processionals on staff. Our services include Architectural and Interior Design, as well as Feasibility Studies, Site Selection and Zoning Process Assistance.
Total Practice Solutions Group 737 Veterinary Practice Sales, Appraisals & Associate Buy-in's
Trupanion 216 Provider of Medical Insurance for your pet.
UltiMed 239 UltiMed, Inc. is an industry leader in the manufacture of high-quality diabetes drug delivery devices, blood glucose monitoring and a world leader in safe needle disposal. The UltiGuard package conveniently dispenses fresh syringes out the bottom and safely disposes of used syringes in the top into a sharps container. Products for the veterinary market include U-40 insulin syringes, U-100 insulin syringes, pen needles and blood glucose monitoring.
United Medical Ultrasound facebook 346 United Medical Instruments (UMI), your ultrasound choice, is committed to Veterinary practitioners. We offer the largest choice among all major manufacturers and proudly feature ultrasound systems from Terason, Siemens, Toshiba, GE and Philips as well as provide service, repairs and probes at affordable prices.
Universal Imaging, Inc. 620 Ultrasound and Digital Radiography Veterinary Solutions Universal Imaging has been setting the standard for veterinary imaging for over 37 years. Over 16,000 veterinarians have trusted us to supply superior imaging diagnostic equipment and training. Universal Ultrasound offers the largest variety of ultrasound and digital radiography packages featuring all-digital technology, portability, veterinary-specific applications, complete connectivity and PACS. Our technology partners include Toshiba, Sedecal, Fuji, Canon and SonoScape. Universal is proud to be named both Canon and S8 Dealers of the Year. Visit our booth or website to learn how we can help you provide the best veterinary care. www.Universalimaginginc.com
The University of Findlay 545 The University of Findlay's animal science degree has become one of the top in the country. With the addition of the 31,000-square-foot Dr. C. Richard Beckett Animal Science Building, UF’s Center for Equine and Pre-Veterinary Studies provides the ultimate in hands-on learning experiences. The University of Findlay also offers an Equestrian Studies major for both english and western interests. The professional skills learned in both our English and western disciplines enable students to transform their love of horses into rewarding careers. The horse industry in the United States contributes billions of dollars in direct economic impact to our economy and supports more than one million full-time jobs.
USDA APHIS 452 No description provided.
Vetamac, Inc 820 Anesthetic Machine Service and Sales
VetCor facebook twitter 714 VetCor's network includes more than 119 exceptional practices in 18 U.S. states. We have built an outstanding reputation by respecting the unique style and history of each of our hospitals, fostering a family-friendly work environment, and avoiding intrusions on the medical decisions of our veterinarians.
Vetel Diagnostics Inc. facebook 651 Achieve the best diagnosis possible with Vetel. Our Generation II, HD, wireless Digital Radiography leads the Industry. It’s Innovative and cost effective. Other diagnostic tools include Ultrasound, Lameness Locator™, Digital Endoscopy, Digital Dental DR and Thermography. Metron PACS software, data archival and industry leading support complete all of your diagnostics needs.
Veterinary Apparel Company facebook 811 Veterinary Apparel
The Veterinary Cooperative facebook twitter 338 TVC was started by 4 veterinarians from around the US to level the playing field in pricing, marketing and business techniques between independent practices and the growing corporate hospitals, big box stores, pharmacies and online providers that are encroaching on the independent animal hospital's ability to be profitable. These large corporations entering the veterinary industry are squeezing out the independents, as they have in most every other industry. Member owned cooperatives level the playing field as they have in many other industries ensuring independent business, in this case veterinary hospitals, remain competitive and profitable. TVCs' goal is to have the same purchasing power and marketing prowess as the big box stores by growing to 5,000 independent animal hospitals that would have sales and purchasing power equal or greater than these corporate competitors.
Veterinary Dental Concepts + 632 I sell and service dental equipment. High speed drilling equipment, Scalers, X-ray and hand instruments. I supply free loaners for high speed equipment and scalers.
Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Society 120 The Society promotes the advancement of knowledge in veterinary emergency and critical care medicine, leading to improved patient care of severely ill/injured animals. The VECCS: a) conducts international continuing education symposia; b) publishes a peer reviewed journal (JVECC); c) maintains a web site; d) produces Flash Drives and meeting Proceedings for the years 1991 –2014. VECCS has a membership of over 4000 veterinarians, students, technicians, managers and industry personnel. The annual Symposium, IVECCS, draws over 2800 veterinarians and technicians. Visit our web site at www.veccs.org.
Veterinary Pet Insurance 646 VPI® Pet Insurance, the nation’s most popular provider of pet health insurance, has launched a new service that enables veterinary practices to offer customized monthly preventive care plans to boost practice visits and promote client loyalty. VPI Preventive and Wellness Services (VPISM PAWS) is a full-service, turnkey program with complete administrative support. Practices receive customized materials, including client service contracts, marketing materials and an Internet-based system to register clients and track plan usage. PAWS handles all billing, management of payment issues and provides downloadable, detailed activity reports. For more information, call the VPI PAWS team at 888-681-3345.
Veterinary Pharmacies of America 328 When it comes to choosing a compounding pharmacy, we have all the key ingredients. Veterinary Pharmacies of America Inc. takes the health of your patients and your organization seriously. VPA formulates quality compounds to your exact prescription specifications and delivers them in an innovative range of dosage forms – so you can "Prescribe with confidence."
Veterinary Products Laboratories 522 Veterinary Products Laboratories (VPL) provides the animal health industry with innovative products that enhance the quality of life for animals and the people who care for them. VPL is a manufacturer of surgical products, wound management products, therapeutics, nutritionals, topical and premise insecticides, and also carries medical devices from BD, Aspen Surgical and Argon Medical for the veterinary community. All of our products are 100% guaranteed and are available to veterinarians through veterinary distributors. For more information see our website www.vpl.com or call 1-888-241-9545.
VetMatrix, an iMatrix Company 228 VetMatrix empowers small and medium sized businesses to succeed locally through affordable Web Marketing services. VetMatrix provides semi-custom websites, SEO, social media optimization (Social Service), video marketing (Media Service), and other marketing solutions to satisfy the needs of niche healthcare industries. Founded in 2002, VetMatrix is headquartered in San Diego, CA.
Vet Med Art 251 Veterinary Art
Vetoquinol 129 Companion Animal Pharmaceuticals,Shampoos,neutraceuticals,cleaners
Vetri Science 340 Nutritional supplements for dogs, cats, horses, and you.
VetScene, Inc. 750 VetScene is an independent company providing Pet Health ID Cards ™ , websites, full-color reminder postcards and Portal services that include unlimited email and text messaging. VetScene’s Pet Health ID Cards™ are high quality and a low price. VetScene integrates appointments requests & read/write reviews on your website and FaceBook!
Vets First Choice facebook twitter 247 Vets First Choice’s mission is to provide veterinary practices with an outstanding online pharmacy supported by client communications that improve medication compliance, grow practice revenues, and simplify inventory management. We aim to provide the best online experience and product pricing so that practices can gain back revenues lost to online or local retail discounters, and grow their revenues incrementally through this new level of service to their clients.
Vetstreet 814 Vetstreet is the leading provider of integrated marketing and communications solutions for veterinary practices that result in increasing patient visits, improving compliance and generating revenue for the practice. We provide a suite of services through a web-based portal that manages programs geared to strengthen the veterinary-client-patient relationship, with personally relevant and timely communications to pet owners on behalf of their veterinary practice.
Virbac Animal Health 531 Virbac delivers and manufactures the highest-quality pharmaceutical products in the areas of endo- and ecto-parasiticides, dermatology, dental care, antibiotics, behavioral health, endocrinology, euthanasia, nutrition, and urology.
Wedgewood Pharmacy facebook 551 Wedgewood Pharmacy, your trusted partner for compounded preparations since 1980, offers over 7,500 formulations, including innovative and compliance-friendly dosage forms like Gourmeds®, Twist-a-Dose®, and Tiny Tabs®. These DeliverEase® dose forms may make administering medication easier, less expensive and more enjoyable for you, your patients and their owners. Visit our booth to learn about Order.WedgewoodPetRx.com, the most comprehensive online database of compounded veterinary preparations available!
W.E.L. Instrument Co., LLC 824 Family owned sales and service of microscopes and accessories.
Wickliffe Veterinary Pharmacy 610 We built our reputation on by using the purest pharmaceuticals with the latest technology. Our dedication to providing veterinarians with excellence is inherent in our service and products. We're committed to meeting our veterinarian's expectations with the highest standards of quality and service.
Wiley facebook 115 Wiley has an internationally renowned program of books and journals in veterinary medicine, positioning us as one of the foremost publishers in animal biology and medicine. We work in partnership with veterinary societies and associations worldwide, and our veterinary publishing program represents the very best in academic research, clinical expertise, and student learning.
Zoetis facebook twitter
709 Zoetis is the leading animal health company. Our mission is to build on our six-decade history as the animal health business of Pfizer and our singular focus on animal health to bring customers quality products, services and a commitment to their business.
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