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Students...What will you learn at the MVC?

One of the philosophies of the OVMA is the importance of lifelong learning—and the MVC is a great place to learn! With more than a dozen different tracks, dozens of expert speakers, and a variety of events, the Conference offers something for everyone—all ages, interests and level of education.

But we also know that during college, money is tight. That's why we offer students the dirt-cheap rate of $20 for the full Conference. Even better—if you're an OVMA or SCNAVTA member, you can attend for free! And we haven't forgotten our high school and undergraduate college students, either. The Veterinary Exploration Conference is a complimentary event where you can, well, explore the veterinary profession. Scroll down to learn more.


Veterinary Students

We know you're stressed not only about school and exams, but money too! That's why the OVMA invites students to attend the full Conference for $20.

But there are also ways you can attend for FREE!

  1. Become a Student Member of the OVMA. It's only $25 for all four years (or $7 per year) AND you get to attend the MVC every year for free!
  2. Volunteer three or more hours at the Conference as a Session Presider or Assistant. Not only will we give you a free pass to the full Conference, this is a great opportunity to get to know experts in your field of interest and make connections that will help you down the road.
The MVC also holds a Student Appreciation Reception for OVMA Student Members on the Thursday of the Conference. This is a chance to meet OVMA members (and your future colleagues) and bond with your fellow students. There will be food, refreshments, and even a chance to win great prizes. You may even have some fun, too! Did we mention that's free for OVMA Student Members, too?!


Technician Students

The OVMA welcomes and encourages all students of the veterinary field to attend the Conference. It's too valuable of an experience to miss out on! Technician students are also invited to attend the MVC for the low rate of $20. If you are a member of SCNAVTA, you can partake for free.

As a registered attendee, you can also volunteer as a Session Presider or Assistant. It's a great way to meet industry experts and start networking in your future field. You'll also get perks like free parking and even a free meal, too!


Pre-Veterinary Students

Are you considering a career in the world of veterinary medicine but have some questions about what you might be able to do with your education? The Veterinary Exploration Conference is for you! This one-day convention brings together practitioners from a variety of disciplines to share with high school juniors and seniors and undergraduate college students what careers are available in the field. This event is $10 for students and $20 for parents.

Or do you have your heart set on becoming a veterinarian, technician, or another member of the veterinary staff? Maybe you're already working at a clinic and want to learn more about the field. The MVC invites you to attend the Conference for only $20.