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Friday, Feb. 24

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Animal Behavior I
1:30–2:30 p.m.
Animal Behavior II
2:45–3:45 p.m.
4–5 p.m.
Food Animal
10:30–11:30 a.m.

Poultry Intestinal Health

DescriptionThis session will introduce attendees to poultry intestinal health, with an emphasis on coccidiosis.

Holistic & Integrative Medicine
National Veterinary Accreditation Program
Pet Animal – Cardiology
1:30–2:30 p.m.

Cardiac Arrhythmias: Make the Diagnosis and Treat Effectively
Mark A. Oyama, MSCE, DVM, DACVIM (Cardiology)

DescriptionThis presentation will review how to diagnose common electrocardiographic arrhythmias quickly and accurately. Attendees will review when and how to treat these disorders.

Pet Animal – Endocrinology
Sponsored by Merck Animal Health
Pet Animal – GI/Liver
Pet Animal – Orthopedic Surgery
Sponsored by Merial Previcox
Practice Management I
Practice Management II – Recent Graduates
10:30–11:30 a.m.

The Path to Practice Ownership: Is It Right for You?
Jill Dentel, DVM and Stith Keiser

DescriptionThis session will explore what it means to be a practice owner and steps potential owners can take to better prepare themselves for success.

Public Health
Shelter Animal
Sponsored by OAHF and Kenneth Scott Charitable Trust
Small Ruminants
Staff Development
Sponsored by ASPCA Pet Health Insurance
Technician I
Technician II
Hands-On Labs & Workshops
Disclaimer. The Ohio Veterinary Medical Association is pleased to provide a comprehensive educational program at the Midwest Veterinary Conference. However, please note that OVMA does not endorse and cannot be responsible for speakers’ content.